ODA eligibility database




Sector or themePeace and security: involving police
Provider countrySweden
Recipient countryColombia
Implementing agencySwedish National Police Authority and Colombian National Police
Budget (USD x 1000)4700
Purpose code15130 Legal and judicial development

  • Technical assistance provided by the Swedish National Police to strengthen the capacity of the Colombian National Police in the area of human rights and gender equality.
  • The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the Rule of Law, governance and the respect of human rights in Colombia through integrated institutional strengthening of the National Police of Colombia. Other objectives were: - improved techniques for prevention and persecution of gender based violence; - community policing: introduction of new working methods applying human rights principles and working more closely with the community; - increased quality of police training: integration of new areas into the curriculum e.g. basic tactical training (such as methods for non-violence) and subjects related to gender based violence. The latter training in how the police should investigate and act upon crimes related to domestic and sexual violence.
  • The tension between the Police and the community has been reduced and relations have been strengthened. Standard of qualifications from graduated polices has been improved. Some of the identified weaknesses in addressing and preventing gender-based violence have been overcome.
  • This activity is deemed ODA-eligible. The use of police personnel or equipment provided by the donor to perform development services is included in ODA although only the costs in relation to the mission concerned and in addition to the regular budget can be reported (e.g. premia for expatriation, travel costs). In practice, when policemen are assigned to a developmental task in a developing country, their regular pay is not reportable as ODA unless the policemen were specifically recruited to carry out these activities or replaced at home. The costs of substituting the policemen in the provider country are not reportable as ODA (paragraph 100). For this project, Sweden has recruited one police officer specifically for this activity, whose pay is considered an additional cost.