ODA eligibility database


Partially ODA-eligible


Sector or themePeace and security: involving military
Provider countryEU Institutions
Recipient countryMali
Implementing agencyEU/Common Security & Defence Policy mission
Budget (EUR x 1000)N/A
Purpose code15220 Civilian peace-building, conflict prevention and resolution

  • The EU, operating under the control of legitimate civilian authorities, conducts a Military Training Mission in Mali to provide military and training advice to the Malian Armed Forces (MaAF).
  • EUTM Mali aims to contribute to the restoration of the Malian military. This activity will support the MaAF to conduct military operations designed to restore Malian territorial integrity and reduce the threat posed by terrorist groups. The activity is responding to the operational needs of the MaAF through the provision of: - Training and advice on command and control, logistical chain and human resources, as well as training on International Humanitarian Law, protections of civilians and human rights. - Training support for the benefit of the MaAF. - A contribution, upon Malian request and in coordination with MINUSMA, to the Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration process framed by the Peace Agreement, through the provision of training sessions in order to facilitate the reconstruction of inclusive Malian Armed Forces. - Support to the G5 Sahel process, within the activities of EUTM Mali in support of the MaAF, by contributing to enhancing coordination and interoperability within the G5 Sahel national armed forces. EUTM Mali provides advice at both the strategic and regional level to the Ministry of Defence, MaAF and to military headquarters to support the implementation of structural reforms outlined in the Defence Programming Law. French-speaking, multi-disciplinary, military advisors share their experience and expertise with their Malian counterparts in the domains of human resources management, logistics, intelligence, conduct of operations, information systems, finances and planning.
  • Improving the expertise of Malian military officers in international humanitarian law, protection of women, HR and rule of law through a Train the Trainer approach and provide each soldier with a basic understanding on the law of armed conflict. In addition, this activity ensures that the behaviour of the military is in line with the law of armed conflict and hence safeguard and better protect the civilian population. During the last three years, EUTM Mali has successfully trained eight Battlegroups whereas five Battlegroups have been retrained. Additionally, several Leadership Courses as well as Specialised Training Courses took place. In total, more than 8000 soldiers have been trained by EUTM which represents two thirds of the Malian Army.
  • This activity is deemed partially ODA-eligible. Training of partner country military personnel, including in non-military matters, is generally not eligible, except in limited areas and under civilian oversight and with a clear developmental purpose for the benefit of civilians. Training in human rights and rule of law and in international humanitarian law are amongst the limited areas listed in the Reporting Directives on partner country military (paragraph 97). Training in areas other than those listed in the Reporting Directives is excluded, such as training in intelligence gathering.