ODA eligibility database


Not ODA-eligible


Sector or themePeace and security: involving military
Provider countryBelgium
Recipient countryDemocratic Republic of the Congo
Implementing agencyBelgian Ministry of Defence
Budget (EUR x 1000)N/A
Purpose codeN/A

  • The Congolese Military Engineering Corps actively contributes to civilian projects such as bridge construction and maintenance; infirmaries and hospitals; schools and housing for the families of the military in regions where access is difficult or unsafe.
  • Each year, the Belgium Defence Force provides training and coaching to Congolese military on civil and construction engineering. A Train the Trainer approach is used with the objective that the DRC Armed Forces (FARDC) will be able to train their personnel autonomously in the medium term.
  • This project aims to improve the expertise of the Congolese military and through a Train the Trainer approach, help the FARDC to operate autonomously in the construction engineering. Engineering Construction units are used to build facilities for the benefit of the civilian population (housing, schools, and medical facilities).
  • This activity is deemed not ODA-eligible. Training of partner country military personnel, including in non-military matters, is generally not eligible, except in limited areas and under civilian oversight and with a clear developmental purpose for the benefit of civilians. Training in construction engineering is not included in the list of eligible areas of training of partner country military in the Reporting Directives on partner country military (paragraph 97). For reference, note that similar training for civilian actors would be eligible. Also, the provision of military personnel to carry out some of the activities described, i.e. activities with a developmental purpose such as building facilities for the benefit of the civilian population  schools and medical facilities  are reportable, but additional costs only and if only the specific need cannot be met timely and effectively with civilian actors.