Development finance standards

Technical Guide to the DAC Statistics database



DAC statistics provide comprehensive data on the volume, origin and types of aid and resource flows to over 180 aid recipients.  The data cover official development assistance (ODA), other official flows (OOF) and private funding (foreign direct investment, bank and non-bank flows) from members of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC), multilateral organisations and other donors.  Key development indicators are also provided for reference.


Where do I find the information I am looking for?

The following list is not exhaustive and provides a few examples on finding information. See the next Section for a complete list and description of available information.


Example 1. Trends in total flows: Total flows by type by DAC donor => Table DAC 1.  This table contains historical series on ODA, OOF, private flows and outflows by NGOs, broken down by category of expenditure.  (e.g. ODA will include bilateral and multilateral flows; bilateral ODA will include budget support, project-type interventions, debt relief etc.).


Example 2.  Flows by donor and recipient country:

  • ODA disbursements (i.e. actual expenditures) by donor (donor country or multilateral organisation) to each recipient country, along with a breakdown of certain types of aid (grants, loans, technical co-operation, developmental food aid, humanitarian aid)  => Table DAC 2a. 
  • ODA commitments => Table DAC 3a
  • OOF flows => Table DAC 2b1.
  • Private flows => Table DAC 41.


Example 3.  Flows by sector:  Aggregate data on bilateral ODA from DAC donors by sector => Table DAC 5.  For detailed information on activities by donor, sector and aid recipient, please refer to the CRS online.


Description of datasets

The data cover flows from all bilateral and multilateral donors except for Tables DAC 1 and DAC 4 which focus on flows from DAC member countries and the EU Institutions.


Table DAC 1: Disbursements and Commitments of Official and Private Flows.

Aggregate data (no breakdown by recipient) on ODA, OOF, private and NGO data by donor, type of aid and flow.


Table DAC 2a: Destination of Official Development Assistance - Disbursements.
Geographical breakdown by donor, recipient and for some types of aid (e.g. grant, loan, technical co-operation) on a disbursement basis (i.e. actual expenditures).


Table DAC 2b: Destination of Other Official Flows Disbursements [aggregates only1].
Geographical breakdown of official export credits and other official non-concessional lending.


Table DAC 3a: Destination of Official Development Assistance - Commitments.
Geographical breakdown by donor, recipient and for some types of aid on a commitment basis.


Table DAC 4: Destination of Private Direct Investment and Other Private Capital [aggregates only1].
Geographical breakdown of foreign direct investment, bank flows and non-bank flows.


Table DAC 5: Official Bilateral Commitments (or Gross Disbursements) by Sector.
Aggregates (no breakdown by recipient) by donor, sector, and type of flow.


Reference Table - Total ODF (DAC2a, DAC2b). Geographical breakdown of Official Development Finance (ODA+OOF, excluding export credits) (from all donor sources) by recipient.

Reference Table - Total Official Flows (DAC2a, DAC2b). Geographical breakdown of total Official Flows (ODA+OOF) by donor, recipient and type (gross or net).

Reference Table - Total Receipts (DAC2a, DAC2b, DAC4 : ODA+OOF+Private). Geographical breakdown of total net official and private flows by donor and recipient.


[1] Please note that given the confidentiality of OOF and private flows, data are not shown by individual donor or recipient, but by aggregates (e.g. USA’s private flows to Asia or the group of UMICs; or, FDI flows to China from all DAC donors combined).