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Instructions to report CRS in XML format


In 2018, the Secretariat introduced a new XML/CRS format for members to report their CRS files to the Secretariat. The XML/CRS format is designed to alleviate members reporting burden to the DAC by enabling them to generate an XML file directly from their systems, rather than cutting and pasting (as most members do), into the Excel CRS template.


The XML/CRS format is based on the IATI XML schema, however, some slight adjustments have been made to reflect specific field formats that are used in the CRS (e.g. interest rate), and some fields have been added to reflect data collected in the CRS and not IATI (e.g. the grant equivalent).


Any member interested in reporting in XML/CRS format is invited to contact the Secretariat for further details and testing.


See herewith four files for CRS XML reporting as follows:

1. An excel file (CRS-IATI.xlsx) that contains the mapping between the CRS and IATI formats. Rows in yellow are the ones that are specific to the CRS and have been added to the IATI XML schema. The file also contains a tab with “Notes” indicating the specificities of CRS fields as well as a tab with an activity reported in CRS XML format.

2. An example of a CRS activity in xml format (CRS-standard_example.xml).

3. The XML IATI format (Xmltoschema11.xsd) and CRS XML format (Xmltoschema12.xsd) for reference.


We look forward to our feedback and please let us know if you have any questions.


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