Development finance data

Database updates for DAC and CRS online



Complete and detailed 2022 figures were published on 22/12/2023.


* Note about microdata for Afghanistan and Ukraine:

Following the developments in Afghanistan and the heightened security risks for our development partners, the OECD has removed certain descriptive information from aid activities where the recipient country is Afghanistan. The same treatment applies for the Ukraine for members that requested to anonymise their data.

While we remain committed to public data transparency, these decisions were taken based on the exceptional circumstances that warrant immediate action to protect lives.

The descriptive information has been applied to the list of datasets below and has been removed from the following columns: ChannelCode, ChannelName, Channel_of_delivery_name, ChannelReportedName, ParentChannelCode, ProjectTitle, Geography, ShortDescription, LongDescription.
Affected datasets: CRS, Gender, Multilateral System, RioMarkers. Other datasets may be added to this list in the near future.

There may be further updates in the future, depending on the evolution of the situation in Afghanistan or Ukraine.

The DAC and CRS online databases are updated every quarter (April, June, September, December).