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Independent Evaluation Office (IEO)

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Organisation Background


The Independent Evaluation Office (IEO) was established to conduct objective and independent evaluations on issues relevant to the mandate of the Fund. It complements the review and evaluation work within the Fund. It thus improves the Fund’s ability to draw lessons from its experience and more quickly integrate improvements into its future work.


The IEO’s mission is to:

  • enhance the learning culture within the Fund
  • strengthen the Fund’s external credibility
  • support the Executive Board’s institutional governance and oversight.


The IEO functions as an independent organisation within the IMF, reporting to the Fund’s Executive Board. It is headed by a Director who is appointed by the Executive Board. The Director is not part of the IMF management structure in either a formal or informal capacity. IEO reports are transmitted to the Executive Board through the Board Evaluation Committee and shared concurrently with Management.

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