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Evaluation Department (EvD)

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Organisation Background


The EBRD has introduced significant changes to its evaluation function since 2010. With the appointment of the current Chief Evaluator, the emphasis was placed on ensuring the rigour of evaluations undertaken by the Bank. A new evaluation policy was introduced and approved in 2013, replacing the existing policy update from 2010.


The EBRD Evaluation Department (EvD) is mandated to evaluate the performance of the Bank’s completed projects and programmes. It systematically analyses the results of both individual projects and wider themes defined in the Bank’s policies. The core objective of evaluation is to contribute to the Bank’s legitimacy, relevance and to superior institutional


The EvD is accountable directly to the EBRD’s Board of Directors through its Audit Committee. The Chief Evaluator is appointed by the Board and is not part of the management structure. The main line of communication with the Board is through the Audit Committee, which consists of seven board representatives that have the delegated responsibility to “periodically review and evaluate the functions performed by the Evaluation Department” as part of general strategic oversight of evaluation in the Bank.


The EvD prepares rolling multi-year work programmes of evaluation activities through a consultative process with the Audit Committee, other Board members, Management, and banking staff. The work programme is commented on by Management, reviewed by the Audit Committee, and approved by the Board of Directors.

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