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Independent Development Evaluation (IDEV)

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Organisation Background


The African Development Bank’s (AfDB) independent evaluations are managed by the Independent Evaluation Department (IDEV), whose mission is to enhance the development effectiveness of the AfDB through evaluations of strategies, policies, operations, processes and procedures. IDEV’s mandate covers:

  • independent and instrumental evaluations
  • oversight of self-evaluation processes and products
  • proactive engagement in evaluation partnerships and knowledge-sharing activities.
IDEV’s core objectives are to:
  • contribute to enhanced learning
  • provide a basis for accountability
  • promote an evaluation culture within the AfDB and regional member countries (IDEV
  • 2016).

IDEV is a separate entity reporting directly to the AfDB’s Board of Directors through its Committee on Operations and Development Effectiveness (CODE). There is no direct involvement in operational and policy work, but the Evaluator-General attends senior management operations and policy committee meetings to keep close collaboration with management and feed lessons from evaluation as needed in the discussions. The three-year rolling work plans are drafted in consultation with operations units and governing authorities (OECD 2010, IDEV 2016).

The Independent Evaluation Strategy in 2013 described the new internal organisational structure of IDEV, introducing three core divisions as opposed to the previous two divisions. Two divisions are in charge of specific evaluations, divided by thematic focus areas. The third division specifically addresses knowledge management, supporting self-evaluation and is leading activities for strengthening evaluation capacity in regional member countries (IDEV 2013).

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