Evaluation of development programmes

Evaluation Capacity Development - Workshop - March 2003


Partners in Development Evaluation: Learning and Accountability Workshop

25-26 March 2003


There is a growing demand, among both the general public and the development community, to demonstrate the effectiveness of development assistance and its results through professional and credible evaluation.

In response, the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance, and Industry in collaboration with the DAC Network on Development Evaluation arranged a workshop on Partners in Development Evaluation: Learning and Accountability (25-26 March 2003) (Also available in French). More than 300 participants from OECD donor agencies, civil society organisations, multilateral agencies and development banks participated in the workshop. It provided an opportunity for development evaluation partners to share and exchange knowledge, experience and approaches.

The workshop agreed to: 

  1. Improve information sharing among evaluation communities, notably involving civil society and the private sector;
  2. Promote partnerships in evaluation, including via a website to be hosted by France;
  3. Strengthen evaluation dissemination and its relation to development advocacy drawing on experiences from NGOs.


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