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Collaborative Partner Donor Evaluation


Collaborative partner-donor evaluation is a tool for mutual accountability and learning. It is part of a strand of converging efforts aimed at strengthening partner country systems in support of good governance. As a learning-by-doing instrument, it is complementary to training programmes, technical support, and advocacy. 

The first year study consists of a series of partner country studies, each one including: (1) a review of the Paris Declaration Evaluation process in terms of its contribution to building evaluation capacity; (2) the collection of positive stories of partner-donor evaluation work; and (3) an exploration of future opportunities for undertaking such work at partner country level. The study will end in an international workshop aimed at synthesizing the country studies and proposing steps forward.

The objectives of the current study are:

  1. to understand the capacity building potential of collaborative evaluation work,
  2. to draw new lessons about capacity building strategies, and
  3. to pave the way to a multi-annual partner-donor collaboration on evaluation work.



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