Environment and development

Supporting policy makers to integrate climate change adaptation into development co-operation



  • An examination of the use of risk screening tools, summarised in the working paper Harmonising Climate Risk Management: Adaptation Screening and Assessment Tools for Development Co-operation. Read the working paper.


  • The study of monitoring and evaluation in development co-operation practice, which buildings on the Task Team’s 2011 survey of practice in member countries Monitoring and Evaluation for Adaptation: Lessons from Development Co-operation Agencies. Read the study.


  • A new OECD Working Paper explores methodological approaches to monitor and evaluate climate change adaptation initiatives at the project and programme level. It focuses on three M&E challenges of relevance for adaptation and examines what lessons can be learned from other areas of development practice: i) assessing attribution, ii) establishing baselines and targets, and iii) dealing with long time horizons. Read the working paper



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