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Climate change finance and aid effectiveness - Bangkok Call for Action


Bangkok Call for Action (PDF 389Kb)  


The global debate about climate financing has so far focused on mobilising funding to respond to climate change, but it is also essential that the funds provided are effectively used.  So while the quantity of climate funds are crucial, so is the quality of this financing.


In this context, a regional workshop was held on 19th-20th October 2010 in Bangkok. This event brought together over 75 participants representing the governments of Bangladesh, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Nepal, Indonesia, Philippines and Viet Nam, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat, eight development partners and international agencies (ADB, AUSAID, JICA, OECD, SIDA, UNDP, UNEP, World Bank) and representatives from parliament and civil society.


The workshop developed recommendations around the programming of climate change finance at the national and international level.  At national level, country delegations committed to certain proposed reforms such as the creation of stronger national level coordination among government agencies and better mechanisms for harmonising, coordinating and monitoring donor funds for climate.  


The Bangkok Call for Action was agreed as a set of recommendations to developing countries and development agencies that fund the response to climate change.  These recommendations will be taken forward by the participants within their own countries and at the international level to engage both in the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness to be held in Seoul in late 2011, and the December 2010 Conference of Parties (COP) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Cancun, Mexico. 



Background documents (Link to CDDE website):

Synthesis Report: Realising Development Effectiveness - Making the most of climate change finance in Asia and the Pacific


Country Case Studies:BangladeshCambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam



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