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In 2015 the international community adopted a set of ambitious climate and development goals to ensure a sustainable development pathway that ‘leaves no on behind’. The focus for developed and developing countries is now on the implementation of agreed commitments. This requires immediate and ambitious action to combat climate change as part of a broader sustainable development agenda. Without climate-compatible development, hard-won development gains will be in jeopardy. Development co-operation remains a core source of support for climate action in developing countries, helping to finance climate change adaptation and mitigation projects, support policy change and technology transfer, and to build the institutions and capacity required to implement climate policies and programmes.  The OECD has pioneered work on the integration of adaptation into development co-operation activities. This was followed by work on monitoring and evaluation of climate change adaptation. Building on this, future work will focus on the effectiveness of adaptation finance in bringing about positive adaptation outcomes





Climate Change Adaptation and Financial Protection: Synthesis of Key Findings from Colombia and Senegal, OECD Environment Working Papers, No. 120 (2017) 



The report National Climate Change Adaptation: Emerging Practices in Monitoring and Evaluation (2015)


Adaptation to Climate Change

Rio Markers

Small Island Developing States





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