Effective development co-operation

Private sector engagement through Development Co-operation


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Towards more evidence-based and inclusive dialogue and policies to scale up investments that create shared benefits for business and development results.

Background on private sector engagement through development co-operation

The scale and scope of sustainable development challenges and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development have led to a significant shift towards engaging with the private sector to provide financing, job creation, service delivery and innovation. The development co-operation community is adapting its policies and practices to further harness and strengthen private sector engagement through development co-operation.

Based on a mapping of global, regional and sectoral private sector engagement initiatives, the Global Partnership aims to help development actors leverage their development co-operation in ways that attract business investments that create “shared benefits” – for business and development impact to reach the SDGs – and address a range of new challenges in this area. This includes finding ways to ensure PSE benefits those left furthest behind; to support SMEs (including those operating in the informal sector); to focus on results and impact of PSE; to strengthen transparency and accountability of public-private contracts; to ensure alignment of private sector activities to national development strategies; and to promote capacity building for all stakeholders to engage in effective multi-stakeholder partnerships, among others.
In 2017-2018, the Global Partnership will identify such challenges and opportunities to scale up private sector engagement through development co-operation at country level. Based on country case studies, it will engage with all relevant actors – government, private sector, civil society, parliament, development partners – to discuss and inform policy recommendations on PSE through effective development co-operation. A range of outreach and advocacy opportunities will ensure linkages to other efforts in engaging the private sector through development co-operation. This work will culminate in a key event in 2019.

The outputs include:



Country case studies


BAPA+40 Side Event: Engaging Private Actors to Achieve the 2030 Agenda: Learning from South-South and Triangular Cooperation, 20 March 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina




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