Effective development co-operation

2011 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration




A full data set is available for this report at OECD.Stat


When developed and developing countries committed themselves to the 2005 Paris Declaration principles for achieving more effective aid, they agreed not only to a set of principles, but also to meeting a set of measurable targets by 2010. This is an important feature of the Paris Declaration, providing a tool for  donors and developing countries to hold each other to account.

After the target year of 2010, the results make for sobering reading. At the global level, only one out of the 13 targets established for 2010 has been met, however, considerable progress has been made towards many of the remaining 12 targets.
Globally, the survey results show considerable variation in the direction and pace of progress across donors and partner countries since 2005. For the indicators where responsibility for change lies primarily with developing country governments, progress has been significant. Many of these changes require deep reforms that go beyond aid management to broader aspects of government processes.




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