Effective development co-operation

2006 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration - Country Chapters


Volume 2 of the 2006 Survey on Monitoring the Paris Declaration includes a detailed analysis for each of the 34 countries that undertook the survey.



Albania_small Albania

Mali_small Mali (English)
Mali (français)

Bangladesh_small Bangladesh

Mauritania_small Mauritania
Mauritania_small Mauritanie                             

Benin_small Benin
Benin_small Bénin

Moldova, Republic_smallMoldova, Republic_small Moldova

Bolivia_small Bolivia
Bolivia_small Bolivia (espagnõl)

Mongolia_small Mongolia 

Burkina Faso_small Burkina Faso (English)
Burkina Faso_small Burkina Faso (français)

Mozambique_small Mozambique

Burundi_small Burundi (English)
Burundi_small Burundi (français)

Nicaragua_smallNicaragua_small Nicaragua (English)
Nicaragua_small Nicaragua (espagnõl)

Cambodia_small‌ Cambodia

Niger_smallNiger_small Niger (English)
Niger_small Niger (français)

Cape Verde_small Cape Verde

Peru_small Peru
Peru_small Perú

Democratic Republic of the Congo_small Democratic Republic of the Congo
Democratic Republic of the Congo_small République démocratique du Congo

Rwanda_small Rwanda

Dominican Republic_small Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic_small República Dominicana

Senegal_small Sénégal


South Africa


Tanzania_smallTanzania_small Tanzania

Ghana_smallGhana_small Ghana

Uganda_small Uganda

Honduras_small Honduras (English)
Honduras_small Honduras (espagnõl)

Vietnam_smallVietnam_small Vietnam

Kenya_smallKenya_small Kenya

Yemen_small Yemen

Kyrgyz Republic

Zambia_small Zambia