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Development Co-operation Report 2020

Learning from Crises, Building Resilience

The devastating impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19) on developing countries have tested the limits, ingenuity and flexibility of development co-operation while also uncovering best practices. This 58th edition of the Development Co-operation Report draws out early insights from leaders, OECD members, experts and civil society on the implications of coronavirus (COVID-19) for global solidarity and international co-operation for development in 2021 and beyond. The report suggests ways forward for the international development community as a whole for bold action and systemic reform to build resilient national and international systems capable of coping with global shocks, and providing and protecting global public goods while reinforcing the fundamental building blocks for sustainable development. The annual “development co-operation at a glance” infographics showcase the latest trends in development finance for over 80 providers of development co-operation, including members of the OECD, the Development Assistance Committee, other countries and philanthropic foundations.

Published on December 22, 2020Also available in: French

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Abbreviations and acronyms
Executive summary
Lessons for development co-operation in 2020 (infographic)
Overview: Building resilience to global shocks
COVID-19 exacerbates global development challenges7 chapters available
To end a global pandemic, we need global solutions: In my view
COVID-19 impacts through the lens of exposure and resilience
Urgency of inequality and climate change raised by COVID-19
Evidence for policy making in uncertain times
Crisis impacts on rural lives and livelihoods in Kenya
Community engagement to counter misinformation in Rohingya refugee camps
Youth leadership in crisis response and supporting resilient communities
Insights and lessons for international development6 chapters available
Moving from response to resilient recovery: In my view
Team Europe is committed to an equitable, sustainable and inclusive recovery process: In my view
Development co‑operation tested and responsive
Pushing the boundaries of international development now and in the future
Building the everyday economy from the ground up: a crisis resilience strategy
Digital development for Africa: Preparing for an e-future
Building forward better by strengthening resilience7 chapters available
Equitable access to COVID‑19 vaccines must remain a priority if we are to end this crisis: In my view
Redesigning international co-operation finance for global resilience
Resilience-building in practice
One Health: A cross-sectoral, holistic approach to reduce disease risk and build resilience
Climate-resilient development
Supporting institutional resilience
Strengthening social systems
COVID-19 funding and development co-operation at a glance3 chapters available
Global recovery depends on stronger and responsive international co‑operation: In my view
Estimates of official development assistance funding for COVID-19 response in 2020
Development Co-operation Profiles at a Glance
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