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Dispelling the myths of triangular co-operation – Evidence from the 2015 OECD survey



2015 OECD Survey report on triangular co-operation(pdf, 2.33MB)  

The report (pdf) presents the results from a survey of triangular co-operation that the OECD conducted in 2015. It summarises and analyses the responses provided, covering over 400 triangular co-operation projects and activities. The report is structured around three “myths” about triangular co-operation (below) and provides evidence from the survey to dispel them:

  • triangular co-operation is scattered, only occurs in niche areas and is small in scale and scope
  • triangular co-operation has no clear, value-added in comparison to bilateral or regional co-operation
  • triangular co-operation projects do not follow clear planning and implementation mechanisms

The report also provides detailed information on:

  • The actors involved in triangular co-operation.
  • How and why countries and international organisations engage in triangular co-operation.
  • The different views on triangular co-operation.
  • The overall trends in triangular co-operation.


Factsheet (pdf) summarising the findings of the 2015 OECD survey on triangular co-operation

Also available on OECD Development Policy Papers (No 6) (2017)