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Aid for Trade: Latin America Practitioners Forum


OECD Practitioners Forum : Making the Most of Aid for Trade

14 September 2007, Miraflores Park Hotel – Lima, Perú

As part of the high-level meeting ‘Mobilizing Aid for Trade : Focus Latin America and the Caribbean‘, the OECD organised in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) a Practitioners Forum to ensure that developing countries take full advantage of the aid-for-trade initiative and in particular the WTO-led monitoring framework.


The forum included a discussion on the objectives and process of the monitoring framework, and a special session dedicated to the use of the WTO-OECD recipient questionnaires as a reporting template for the WTO Global Aid-for-Trade Reviews. A second session targetted implementation issues and aimed at developing a regional dialogue on how to address the most common trade development challenges in the region through aid for trade.


The OECD Practitioners forum was attended by participants of the "Mobilizing Aid for Trade: Focus Latin America and the Caribbean" meeting including, government officials from the ministries of finance, trade and planning/development with responsibilities ranging from trade performance, the design and implementation of aid-for-trade programmes to reporting to the WTO monitoring framework.


Draft Agenda

Agenda Tentativa

Meeting documents

Trade Factsheet - Latin America and the Caribbean Region

Aid for Trade Factsheet - Latin America and the Caribbean Region

Best Practices in Aid for Trade

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