Accountable and effective institutions

Accountable and Effective Institutions publications



Official development assistance to governance (2010-19): A snapshot - available in French or English


Assessing the Impact of the Oil Governance Agenda on Africa’s New Producers

2021 Illicit Financial Flows in Oil and Gas Commodity Trade: Experience, Lessons and Proposals

Rapid reactions to corruption: Coordinating donor responses


Policy Paper: What Does “Inclusive Governance” Mean? Clarifying Theory and Practice


Working Paper: Why Does Inclusion Matter? Assessing the Links Between Inclusive Processes and Inclusive Outcomes


Working Paper: Illicit financial flows: Artisanal and small-scale gold mining in Ghana and Liberia

2019 Working Paper: Illicit financial flows: Illicit trade in counterfeit, pirated and substandard goods in Ghana
2019 Working Paper: Illicit financial flows: Illicit narcotics transiting West Africa
2019 Working Paper: Illicit financial flows: The role of Al Qaeda and its affiliates in the Islamic Maghreb

Illicit Financial Flows: The Economy of Illicit Trade in West Africa

2016 OECD Recommendation of the Council for Development Cooperation Actors on Managing Risks of Corruption
2014 Few and Far - The Hard Facts on Stolen Asset Recovery
2013 The challenges of supporting effective security and justice development programming
2007 Enhancing the Delivery of Justice and Security: Governance, Peace and Security
2005 Security System Reform and Governance
2012 International Markets for Security and Military Assistance
2007 Policy Paper and Principles on Anti-Corruption: Setting and Agenda for Collective Action
2011 Tracking Anti-Corruption and Asset Recovery Commitments: A Progress Report and Recommendations for Action
2012 International Drivers of Corruption: A Tool for Analysis
2013 Gender and Statebuilding in Fragile and Conflict-affected States
2014 Illlicit Financial Flows from Developing Countries: Measuring OECD Responses
2013 Accountability and Democratic Governance: Orientations and Principles for Development
2012 Growth, aid and policies in countries recovering from war
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