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Provisional Reporting Arrangements for Private Sector Instruments

At their meeting on December 5th 2018, members of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) reaffirmed their commitment to implementing the principles of private sector instruments (PSI) and finalised provisional reporting arrangements to the Secretariat for 2018 and 2019 data, and any years afterwards, until the final PSI rules are agreed upon.


  •  sovereign loans will be reported on a grant-equivalent basis, using the parameters agreed at the 2014 HLM (discount rates of 9%/7%/6% and thresholds of 45%/15%/10%);
  •  under the institutional approach, contributions to Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and other PSI vehicles may be counted at the face value. If necessary, i.e. if the institution is active also in countries and/or activity areas non eligible to Official Development Assistance (ODA), the share of ODA-eligible activities in the institution’s total portfolio will be estimated, to establish a coefficient for ODA reporting;
  • under the instrument approach, loans and equities made directly to private sector entities shall be counted on a cash-flow basis;
  • all the above will be summed up and counted in the ODA headline figures; in addition, the totals for each will be shown separately; and
  • additional steps will be taken on issues related to transparency, additionality and reporting.

Unless permanent rules on PSI are finalised by 2020, members will fully review the two years of data collected under these rules in 2021 and consider if adjustments are desired.


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