In this June issue...

Some regions reduce poverty, others get poorer. Millennium Development Goals Report 2005 released. It's an easy read...

Also in this issue...

A Humanitarian ‘Swiss Army Knife’

Humanitarian aid has not been an area of priority for the DAC but with the Good Humanitarian Donorship initiative this is about to change...

What role for the OECD post the Indian Ocean Tsunami?

OECD DAC collects data on aid pledges made in the wake of the Indian Ocean tsunami...

Peer Reviews – More about 'Joined up' policies - Sweden's aid reviewed

Poverty reduction a focus across the full range of government departments...

In the Field - Vietnam turns Paris Declaration into Hanoi Core Statement


OECD DAC Chair Richard Manning visits Vietnam...

News in Brief

In my opinion

DFID's Graham Stegmann on what the UK hopes to achieve at G8...

Key ODA Statistics

Did you know...? Aid for water declines

Despite recent increases in ODA, aid for water continues to decline...

OECD DAC countries ODA in 2004:
US$ 78.6 billion   -   Up 4.6% since 2003   -    Percentage of GNI 0.25%

OECD DAC statistics including Aid at a Glance charts for DAC members and recipient countries.

Upcoming Events

  • UN General Assembly High Level Dialogue on Financing for Development, New York, June 27-28 2005
  • OECD DAC Peer Review of Switzerland, June 30 2005
  • G8 Summit, Gleaneagles, July 6-8 2005
  • UN General Assembly Five-Year Review of the Millennium Development Declaration, New York, September 14-16 2005
  • OECD DAC Peer Review of Belgium, October 26 2005
  • OECD DAC Peer Review of Germany, December 13 2005


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