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Task Force Sub Group on Transfer Pricing, March 2013



In 2011 the Task Force on Tax and Development began a programme of support for developing countries seeking to strengthen their transfer pricing rules, or the implementation of them. Such rules are critical for the protection of the tax base of many developing countries. The programme helps developing countries to protect their tax bases through effective enforcement of rules designed to combat cross-border profit shifting. The work also supports efforts towards a transparent investment climate through introducing rules that create certainty and consistency for business. 


With these issues in mind, the demand-led programme aims to assist developing countries assess the extent of their risk from transfer pricing abuse and support those seeking to introduce and effectively enforce transfer pricing rules in line with internationally accepted principles. In doing so, it aims to gain an understanding of the challenges faced by developing countries on implementing transfer pricing rules, and to feed lessons learned into the development of international standards and guidance on transfer pricing.


The Sub-group on Transfer Pricing held its second meeting on 8th March 2013 at the OECD headquarters in Paris to discuss the significant progress made by the Task Force in the past 15 months on its transfer pricing work. That work was outlined at the meeting by some of the countries that have bi-lateral programmes with the Task Force. The meeting discussed how the Task Force might build on these initial successes.


 Meeting Documents


Update on Transfer Pricing Paper for Discussion


Meeting Agenda


 Meeting Presentations


Session I

Joint presentation by European Commission, OECD and World Bank Group: "International Cooperation in Transfer Pricing - A joint initiative by the OECD, the WB/IFC and the EU"


Colombia: "Country Experiences" 


Ghana: "Transfer Pricing Regime"


Session II


World Bank Group: "A Toolkit for Policy Makers and Practitioners''


Colombia: "Initiatives and Tools''


Ghana: "Transfer Pricing Annual Return Form'' accompanied by the Annual Return Form





Summary Record (available soon)


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