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OECD invites India to participate in its Committee on Fiscal Affairs


OECD countries agreed to invite India to participate as an Observer in the OECD's Committee on Fiscal Affairs, as part of a drive to broaden involvement by major non-OECD economies in the Organisation's work. Observer countries play a full role in OECD committees in which they sit. Other countries with Observer status on the Committee on Fiscal Affairs are Argentina, Chile, China, Russia and South Africa.

The committee's Chair, Paolo Ciocca, said he looked forward to active participation by India in the committee's work. "India has has made significant progress in modernising its tax policy and tax administration in recent years," he said in a statement. "We anticipate that its participation as Observer will further enhance our constructive partnership".


India's Revenue Secretary, K M Chandrasekhar, welcomed the OECD invitation, which he said would enable India to particpate in all aspects of the committee's work. "This will benefit India, by putting it at the centre of the international dialogue on taxation, and benefit the OECD by providing a fresh perspective in its deliberations," he said.


The Committee on Fiscal Affairs is the main forum for the OECD's discussions on taxation, covering international and domestic tax issues and tax policy and administration.  It has an extensive partnership programme with non-OECD economies that enables them to participate in the development of international tax arrangements.  The partnership is implemented by means of multilateral, regional and bilateral programmes. 


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