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OECD issues revised calendar for stakeholder consultation


01/10/2014 – The timeline of the OECD/G20 Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) Project is extremely ambitious, with the first outputs delivered in September 2014. Work on the remaining elements of the BEPS Action Plan is ongoing, through technical working parties, enhanced and targeted engagement with developing countries focusing on their priority BEPS issues, as well as dialogue with business, civil society, academics and other international and regional organisations.


Input from relevant stakeholders is essential in order to develop the measures envisaged in the BEPS Action Plan. The timetable for stakeholder input is now available on line with the dates when discussion drafts will be published and public consultations held in relation to the 2015 BEPS outputs.


The OECD welcomes input from all stakeholders. Please note that all comments received regarding this consultation draft will be made publicly available. Comments submitted in the name of a collective “grouping” or “coalition”, or by any person submitting comments on behalf of another person or group of persons, should identify all enterprises or individuals who are members of that collective grouping or coalition, or the person(s) on whose behalf the commentator(s) are acting.


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