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Global Forum Secretariat and Switzerland assist Tunisia’s implementation of automatic exchange


31/05/2022 - Within the framework of the pilot project between Tunisia, Switzerland and the Global Forum Secretariat, a two-day workshop was held on 23 and 24 May 2022 in Tunis, Tunisia. Attended by 90 participants from the tax administration, other government authorities and financial institutions, the workshop helped raise awareness on the international standard for automatic exchange of financial accounts information (AEOI standard), and opportunities for Tunisia. The different components of the effective implementation of the standard were discussed, including the international and domestic legal frameworks, the confidentiality and data safeguards, the compliance strategy and the common transmission system.

Workshop on the effective implementation of the international standard for automatic exchange of financial accounts information

Another workshop was organised on 25 May 2022 with relevant government authorities to  advance the work on the domestic legal framework aimed at implementing the AEOI standard in Tunisia.

Launched in January 2022, after Tunisia had committed to start automatic exchange by 2024, the pilot project is a partnership between the General Directorate of Taxes (Direction Générale des Impôts), the Swiss Federal Tax administration (Administration Fédérale des Contributions) and the Global Forum Secretariat to assist the country in its implementation of the AEOI standard.

The European Union funds the support provided by the Global Forum Secretariat to Tunisia.

The Global Forum is the leading multilateral body mandated to ensure that jurisdictions around the world adhere to and effectively implement both the exchange of information on request standard and the standard of automatic exchange of information. These objectives are achieved through a robust monitoring and peer review process. The Global Forum also runs an extensive capacity-building programme to support its members in implementing the standards and help tax authorities make the best use of cross-border information sharing channels.

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