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Armenia commits to start automatic exchange of financial account information by 2025


15/02/2023 - Armenia has committed to implement the international Standard for Automatic Exchange of Financial Account Information in Tax Matters (AEOI) by 2025. The AEOI Standard is being implemented on a global scale, with 122 of the 165 Global Forum members now committed to start automatic exchanges by a specific date and the vast majority having commenced exchanges. This global reach is a key element to ensuring its effectiveness in combating tax avoidance and evasion.

Mr Gaël Perraud, Chair of the Global Forum, welcomed Armenia's commitment to the AEOI Standard: “The Global Forum will monitor Armenia’s progress in delivering its commitment to start exchanging automatically by September 2025 and updates will be provided to the Global Forum members and the G20. Our Secretariat will assist Armenia in implementing the Standard and in addressing any challenges that may arise.”

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The Global Forum is the leading multilateral body mandated to ensure that jurisdictions around the world adhere to and effectively implement both the standard of transparency and exchange of information on request and the standard of automatic exchange of financial account information. These objectives are achieved through a robust monitoring and peer review process. The Global Forum also runs an extensive capacity-building programme to support its members in implementing the standards and help tax authorities make the best use of cross-border information sharing channels. The delivery of the Global Forum’s capacity-building programme is only made possible thanks to the financial support and the trust of its generous donor partners.

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