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Regional Meetings of the Inclusive Framework on BEPS


Digitalisation of the Economy


The OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework on BEPS has developed a Programme of Work which aims to provide consensus-based, long-term solutions to the tax challenges arising from the digitalisation of the economy by 2020.


It will explore:

  • under a first pillar, potential solutions for determining the allocation of taxing rights ("nexus and profit allocation"),
  • under a second pillar, the design of a system to ensure that MNEs pay a minimum level of tax on profits. This is intended to address remaining issues identified by the OECD/G20 BEPS Project.



Building on the previous consultations on BEPS, a set of regional outreach events* on digitalisation will be carried out in partnership with regional organisations and development banks.


Date Event Location
18-20 September 2019 Regional BEPS induction workshop for the Carribean Saint Vincent & the Grenadines
8-10 October 2019 IOTA-OECD Regional meeting on BEPS Baku, Azerbaijan
15-17 October 2019 CREDAF-OECD Regional meeting on BEPS Saly, Senegal
23 October 2019 SGATAR Annual Meeting Yogyakarta, Indonesia
5-6 November 2019 LAC Fiscal Policy Forum Lima, Peru
19-21 November 2019 ADB-OECD Regional meeting and consultation on digitalisation Manila, Philippines
3-5 December 2019 Development Forum of OECD Multilateral Tax Centres Yangzhou, China

Flyer also available in English, French and Spanish


CREDAF-OECD Regional consultation on BEPS in Senegal in 2016

CREDAF/OECD regional consultation meeting on BEPS in Senegal, 2016


*Please note that these events are aimed at government officials.



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