Ukraine: Sector Competitiveness Strategy


Increasing competitiveness in key sectors could help Ukraine attract foreign investment, boost job creation and improve long-term growth prospects.

The Project was launched in 2009 to support the government in designing reforms, to strengthen Ukraine's economic development in prioritised sectors.

Key objectives include:

  • Strengthening Ukraine’s competitiveness by enhancing the country’s business climate at the sectoral level;
  • Developing sector-specific recommendations to help unlock the competitiveness of high-potential sectors and attract further FDI;
  • Supporting the implementation of selected sector-specific policy recommendations.


How the OECD contributes

A first phase of the project assessed and identified three sectors for economic growth -- agribusiness, alternative energy sources, and transport equipment manufacturing -- to be used as pilots to further attract investments. Phase II of the project addressed sector-specific policy barriers to the development of those three sectors. Specific recommendations on how to overcome those barriers were summarised in policy handbooks, one for each sector.

A new phase of the project was recently launched, focusing on the transfer of OECD know-how and methodologies to Ukrainian policy makers and government representatives, to support the effective implementation of the recommendations, and build sustainable mechanisms for reform.


Meetings and seminars

The OECD-Ukraine Co-ordination Council, chaired by the First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, meets regularly to set the project's overall priorities, review progress, and prioritise recommendations for the government to carry forward, in collaboration with the private sector.


Capacity-building workshops are also held, as part of the new phase of the project, focusing on the design and implementation of the sectoral recommendations. These workshops offer a platform of exchange of know-how and the discussion of case studies among the participants -- which include, in addition to government representatives, the business community, civil society and others.

Past meetings include:

February - March 2013:

Establishing credit guarantee schemes for small and medium agricultural enterprises

Improving internship schemes and workplace training within agricultural universities   

Enhancing investment policy to foster growth in renewable energy         

Financing small and medium-sized enterprises

Bridging the skills gap in the agricultural sector


September 2013:

Fostering SME Cluster Policy / Ukrainian version

Enhancing Investment in Renewable Energy /Ukrainian version

Last event

Roundtable: Setting up a Pilot Internship Scheme in Lviv, 23 September 2014 - Agenda: English l Ukrainian


Policy handbooks


For further information, contact
Gabriela Miranda


With the support of the European Union and the Government of Sweden