OECD Market Study of the Electricity Sector in Ukraine




Call for Feedback

Stakeholders are encouraged to comment on the OECD’s initial views on the electricity sector in Ukraine.

Please consult the OECD Issues Note in  English  |  Ukrainian


An OECD Market Study of Ukraine’s Electricity Sector is being conducted by the OECD Secretariat in close consultation with the Ukrainian authorities, industry associations and consumer associations. The results will be presented and discussed in international fora.

The market study will lead to recommendations on how to complete the opening of Ukraine’s electricity sector to the market by identifying outstanding obstacles to competition in this sector.

Such recommendations will provide a basis for measures by Ukrainian authorities to remove such obstacles to effective competition and for Ukraine to fully reap the rewards of a liberalised electricity sector.

A kick-off event of the OECD Market Study of the Electricity Sector in Ukraine took place on 14 September 2021. This online event aimed to create a platform for representatives of the OECD, Ukraine and the EU to exchange views and establish working relations for the successful implementation of the market study.

Expected Outcomes


  • Better understanding of potential competition issues in the electricity sector, arising from structural factors, regulatory distortions or market behaviour.

  • Identification of concrete reforms based on international experience.

  • Better dialogue and consensus on sector reform priorities across the public administration.

  • Stronger institutional capacity thanks to access to the knowledge and expertise of an international network of practitioners.


    Consult the project flyer in  English  |  Ukrainian

Project Timeline

14 September 2021

Kick-Off Meeting

September/November 2021

Fact-Finding and Data Requests

May 2022

Discussion of Draft on the Market and the Regulatory Framework

September 2022

Discussion of Draft on the Competition Issues and Recommendations

April 2023

Publication and Dissemination


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