Seminar on Corporate Governance Developments in Thailand


13 September 2006 - Bangkok, Thailand

Discussions at this meeting focused on :

  • Regulatory discipline - fostering enforcement mechanisms: the regulatory challenge  
  • Market discipline: the effective corporate governance driving force and
  • Self discipline - private sector initiatives and corporate governance in East Asia

The last session on corporate governance in Thailand was organised by CNBC Asia, which provided a good opportunity for raising awareness also among the media in the region. The Seminar was inaugurated by the Chairman of the Stock Exchange of Thailand.

The Seminar was co-hosted by the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the National Committee on Corporate Governance, the Thai Institute of Directors and the Listed Companies Association in cooperation with the World Bank Group, the OECD, the Government of Japan and the Global Corporate Governance Forum. 

  • Agenda

Session 1: Regulatory Discipline-Fostering Enforcement Mechanisms: The Regulatory Challenge 

Session 2: Market Discipline - The Most Effective CG Driving Force 

Session 3: Self Discipline - Corporate Governance in East Asia 

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