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Russia: Building Rules for the Market - Press Review


1. Summary

Russian press coverage on the OECD’s Russia: Building rules for the market published on 20 June 2005 focussed on the report’s findings that implementation of business regulation reform is slowing while the government is becoming more interventionist in markets.

The daily Kommersant quoted the report’s comment that the “weakness, inefficiency and corruption” in all branches of the government are serious obstacles to the reforms. Izvestia led with the same criticisms.

Rossiiskaia Gazeta referred to recent events surrounding the energy groups Gazprom and Yukos as examples of growing government interventionism and quoted the report as saying Russia was “a weak state with powerful officials”.

In a series of four articles the Financial Times pointed to several weakness exposed by the report as reasons why the business climate in Russia had deteriorated. They include corruption and opacity in government and a politically dependent court system.

The French dailies, La Tribune, Les Echos and Le Figaro all led with the report’s concerns about the return of Russian state intervention in markets. La Tribune quoted OECD economist William Tompson’s concern at “the lack of political will” to strengthen the reform process.

In the German press, Süddeutsche Zeitung focussed on the political influences within the judicial system while Die Welt emphasised the need to boost competition in the rail energy and banking sectors.

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