OECD Handbook on Open Government for Peruvian Public Officials


OECD Handbook on Open Government for Peruvian Public Officials 

This publication is the result of a close collaboration between the OECD and the Secretariat for Public Management in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Government of Peru) with the kind support of the European Union. It is based on the recommendations of the OECD Public Governance Review of Peru, various OECD fact-finding missions and a questionnaire addressed to different Peruvian public institutions.

The main objective of the Guide is to contribute to making Peruvian public officials ambassadors of change towards a more open, transparent, participatory and accountable government. The Guide supports the strengthening of the capacities and knowledge of public officials in open government and demonstrates that each official can do more to increase the openness of his or her institution and of government as a whole. To this end, the Guide presents concrete tools and practical country practices and highlights other resources that can support the design and implementation of public institutions' own open government practices. The Guide is divided into technical chapters on the concept of open government; open government governance; transparency and access to information; citizen participation, accountability and integrity.








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