Special MENA Session on Regional Learning Experiences


5 May 2009, Paris, France




Agenda of the Special MENA Session (pdf)

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The Special Session provided a common ground for Middle East and North African regions for:
  • Discussing the results of completed and ongoing MENA Joint Learning Studies, namely Joint Learning Studies with Morocco, Yemen and Jordan;
  • Exchanging information on countries’ recent developments in fighting corruption and promoting integrity;
  • Updating future MENA integrity-related activities, including the 3rd MENA Ministerial Meeting scheduled to take place in November 2009.


The Special Session was held back-to-back with the OECD Global Forum on Public Governance: Building a Cleaner World: Tools and Good Practices for Fostering a Culture of Integrity.




Nine MENA countries were represented at the Special MENA Session, including: Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestinian National Authority, Syrian Arab Republic, Tunisia and Yemen.

A number of OECD member countries were also represented, including France, Spain and Turkey. The African Development Bank (ADB) also participated at the meeting.

Participants list (PDF 21kb)




Participants of the Special MENA Session agreed that:

  • The Joint Learning Study (pdf) concept and methodology was useful to MENA countries to create and disseminate knowledge and evaluate progress in their national anti-corruption reforms.

  • The objective assessment and the proposals for actions that the JLS reports offer contribute to the implementation of the United Nations’ Convention against Corruption (UNCAC). Most of the MENA countries ratified the UNCAC and considered it as mechanism to support MENA governments’ reforms.

  • Participants were invited to the next expert meeting on corruption prevention in October 2009. The 2009 MENA-OECD Ministerial Conference was also announced officially by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Government of Morocco.


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