OECD Joint Learning Study on Morocco: Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement


Given the financial interests at stake, public procurement is one of the government activities most exposed to waste, fraud and corruption. The report shows that these risks are also significant during the pre- and post-tendering phases, which are less regulated.


The Moroccan government has gradually come to realise the scale of the problem and the issues involved. Although public procurement has not been a policy priority in the past, the 2007 decree underlines the State’s growing determination to reform this area.


Fighting corruption and enhancing integrity in public procurement involves not only formulating and implementing a solid legal framework for procurement but also enforcing it and imposing sanctions in the event of non-compliance. This report examines the legislative, institutional and procedural elements of the management and control of public procurement in Morocco within the broader framework of “improving the probity of public life”.   


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