Republic of Moldova

Working group meeting on investment strategies in the South Caucasus and Ukraine


South Caucasus and Ukraine address investment strategies in times of economic crisis and beyond

Bodrum, 03 July 2009

The South Caucasus and Ukraine Initiative of the Global Relations and governments from the region met in Bodrum, Turkey, on 3 July 2009 to initiate dialogue on investment climate policy and promotion, specifically focusing on:

  • Investment policies in times of economic crisis and the OECD's strategc response to the crisis
  • The impact of the crisis on the countries of the South Caucasus and Ukraine (SCU) and their government policy responses
  • Development of a comprehensive investment promotion strategies, along with tools for investment based on OECD and regional examples
  • Best-practices in Free Economic Zones management, clusters and linkages

The meeting welcomed international organisations, experts from governments, OECD countries and the OECD Secretariat, as well as representatives from the Black Sea Economic Co-operation Business Council and the Union of Black Sea and Caspian Confederation of Enterprises.



Government experts and representatives from the private sector, the OECD and other stakeholders shared their experiences in developing investment strategies with the South Caucasus and Ukraine.


Meeting documentation


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Meeting presentations

Session I: Investment policies in times of economic crisis: Developing open and transparent investment regimes

Overview of the initiative for South Caucasus and Ukraine, OECD

Collaboration between the OECD and the Republic of Moldova,, Andrei Timus, Executive Director, Moldovan Investment and Export Promotion Organization, Republic of Moldova


Session II: Impact of the crisis on foreign direct investment in South Caucasus and Ukraine, and the response by the countries of the region

Armenia Country Presentation, Artak Baghdasaryan, Head of Economic Policy and Strategy Development Department, Ministry of Economy, Republic of Armenia

Georgian economic outlook, Irakli Gachechiladze, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economic Development, Georgia

With comments by:

Speech , Senior Advisor,Union of Black Sea and Caspian Confederation of Enterprises (UBCCE)

Tamer Şen, Head of Department,TÜSİAD International


Session III: Strategies and best practices developed and implemented by Investment Promotion Agencies in OECD, SCU and partner countries

The best practises of clusters in the Czech Republic, Lenka Peterkova, Head of Department for Clusters and Cooperation, CzechInvest

Polish best-practices and experience in taking a sector approach in investment promotion, Agata Mężyńska, Director, Department of Business Information, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency (PAIIZ)

Keeping close to investors – supported by Foreign Ministry resources, Harolds Celms, Director of the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) in France

To help Armenian economy become more productive and globally competitive, Robert Harutyunyan, DIrector General, Armenian Development Agency (ADA)

Georgian National Investment Agency: Investment climate overview, Nino Baratashvili, Director, Georgian National Investment Agency

FDI in Ukraine: New approach - InvestUkraine: On a new plane, Tetyana Vysotska, Head of Information and Analytical Department, National Agency for Foreign Investment and Development, Ukraine


Session IV: Best practices for Free Economic Zones

Stocktaking of good practices for Free Economic Zone development, Alexander Böhmer, OECD

Investment support in the Czech Republic, Zbyněk Pokorný, Head of Unit for Innovations and Investment, Department of Business Support, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic

Turkish Free Zones, Edvar Mum, General Manager, Mesbas-Mersin Free Zone Operator Inc.


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