Republic of Moldova

Republic of Moldova authorities met OECD Development Centre Experts as a part of the Black Sea and Central Asia Initiative (BSCAI)


The 39-member-country OECD Development Centre, in association with regional business associations, has launched a new Initiative in the Black Sea region and Central Asia designed to reinforce the private sector and identify policies for growth with prosperity.

From 18 to 21, Mai 2010 OECD Development Centre’s Black Sea and Central Asia Initiative team met the Republic of Moldova government and other officials (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finance, for example), as well as Chamber of Commerce of Republic of Moldova and academics in order to discuss the main conclusions of the Republic of Moldova country economic study paper. In consultation with officials and the business community, the BSCAI aims to find growth, prosperity and stability in the Black Sea region, with a view to enhancing policy designed by and with governments.

In the Republic of Moldova the OECD BSCAI team has identified the following challenges: administrative capacity, bureaucracy, high fuel prices, agricultural issues and a shortage of Foreign Direct Investment. The BSCAI team works with the government, private sector and local experts to define policies to tackle the issues.

The main objective of the Black Sea and Central Asia Initiative (BSCAI) is to provide policy makers in both regions with in-depth, independent economic analysis on which effective policies for growth and sustainable prosperity can be based.  The Initiative covers six Black Sea countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Republic of Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine) and two Central Asia countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan). The OECD has already completed separate studies of Romania and Russia, and regularly analyses the economies of OECD members Greece and Turkey. Part of the work is in conjunction with the OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs, Private Sector Development Division. The Initiative is supported by national authorities, including those of Greece, Romania and Turkey.
A particular feature of the process will be the promotion of the private sector and its contribution to social and economic development. Upon completion, the country reports will be presented directly to national governments and disseminated widely throughout the region.  A report on the conclusions of the Initiative will be presented to a ministerial conference in October.

The visiting BSCAI team gave a press-conference on the 20th of Mai, 2010 from 15.30 till 16.30 in IDIS Viitorul office, Hincu Street 10, Conference hall, 2nd floor.
































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