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According to the National Bureau of Statistics of Moldova, youth aged between 15-29 accounted for 25% of the total population in 2014 – this generation has great potential to positively contribute to the development and self-determination of the country, and the youth.

Since the proclamation of independence in 1991, Moldova has been in a phase of transition, which brings significant economic and social changes, and challenges for the well-being of youth are still present. For instance, the low quality of education doens't provide youth with the necessary skills for a successful integration in the labor market. Furthermore, employment vulnerability has increased in rural areas, resulting in an urban exodus to cities and abroad. Additionally, compared to the European average, Moldova faces high adolescent pregnancy rates, high mortality rates due to avoidable causes, and gender violence. Socioeconomic differences seem to represent the most important factors of unequal health outcome.

The Government of the Republic of Moldova recognises the importance of developing its young population as well as regulating the profession of youth workers as stated in its National Strategy for Youth Sector Development 2020. The implementation of this strategy could be benefited from the collaboration between the respective Ministries and local public authorities and should be implemented at the sub national level.


Youth Inclusion project in Moldova focus studies:

  • Impact of social norms on school-aged children's health behaviour
  • The legal recognition of youth workers
  • National Youth Survey


Key issues affecting young people in Moldova

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Project activities

Moldova: Mid-term review workshop, 2 December 2016, Chisinau

The OECD organized together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Moldova a multi-stakeholder workshop in Chisinau, Moldova, on the 02 December 2016.




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