Hong Kong, China

  • 12-March-2009


    Moves by financial centres boost OECD fight against tax evasion

    Moves by a number of financial centres over recent weeks in favour of transparency and exchange of information on tax matters have given a welcome boost to efforts counter international tax evasion, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría said.

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  • 12-March-2009




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  • 17-August-2004


    Hong Kong-China - PISA

    Summary of Hong Kong-China's participation in PISA

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  • 23-May-1993

    English, , 681kb

    Economic integration between Hong Kong China, Chinese Taipei and the coastal provinces of China

    What factors account for the growing economic integration between Hong Kong China, Chinese Taipei and the costal provinces of China and the resulting boom in trade and investment? OECD Economic Studies No. 20.

  • 10-October-1992

    English, , 2,110kb

    The Chinese economic area: economic integration without a free trade agreement

    Economics Department Working Paper 124. This paper describes the de facto economic integration taking place between China, Hong Kong China and Chinese Taipei - the "Chinese Economic Area" - and analyses basic factors underlying the process. Even in the face of weak economic performance in OECD countries the integration has helped underpin rapid growth in all three economies, particularly in China's south-eastern provinces. If Chinese

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