OECD's Secretary-General expresses sympathy and solidarity with the people of Haiti


18/01/10 - Expressing sympathy and solidarity with the people of Haiti in the wake of last week’s earthquake, OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría said,


“We have been in contact with the Haitian Prime Minister’s office who shared with us their fears for the future and the need to re-build homes, schools, hospitals and basic infrastructure, as well as restoring the normal functioning of the government. We are offering our experience and know-how as part of international efforts to rebuild the country.


We will also be working with the donor community to promote efficient and principled humanitarian assistance, both in the short-term relief effort and in the longer-term challenge of reconstruction and development. But we understand that nothing can replace the loved ones lost or repair the lives and memories scarred for life.”

  • Aid statistics on Haiti (2002 - 2008)