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“In the future I see myself working in a job that I like, such as in a development cooperation agency or an NGO, working on projects for young people”


Alexander Martínez, 27, San Vicente, El Salvador


My name is Alexander Martínez, I live in the department of San Vicente, in the centre of El Salvador. When I was in elementary school, I used to live with my grandmother and my aunt in San Salvador. I studied communications. I finished my studies two years ago and I would have wished to continue my studies but it was impossible due to my economic situation. If someday I manage to get a scholarship I would like to continue with my studies.

At the moment I like what I do. I have been working for five years in an association that works with young people. My family is a bit reticent about my work because I don't get paid, but I like it because in that way I support my country, especially young people, mainly in the area of ​​youth violence (a big problem in El Salvador).

My studies have helped me a lot in the work I do. They have taught me to listen to young people and how to express myself. In addition, the training that I receive in the association helps me in my daily life. There are things that you do not learn in school, but things that life experiences teaches you. I am currently looking for a paid job but it is difficult due to my lack of experience. The work I do in the associations is not directly related to my studies so it is not considered as a professional experience. This is a big problem for all young people, not all of us have the professional experience that companies ask for. It is difficult because because we are young and it is not easy to have a first job opportunity.


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