Democratic Republic of the Congo

2011 Survey of the Fragile States Principles


2009 Survey l Monitoring the FSPs

2011 Survey Methodology:

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2011 Survey Questionnaire:

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FSP Factsheet:

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Chair: H.E. Emilia Pires, Chair of the g7+ and Minister of Finance, Timor-Leste

   • Burundi

   • Central African Republic

   • Chad

   • Comoros

   • Côte d'Ivoire  

   • Democratic Republic of Congo

   • Guinea-Bissau

   • Haiti

   • Liberia

   • Sierra Leone

   • Somalia

   • Southern Sudan

   • Timor-Leste

   • Togo


Fourteen countries and regions have requested to take part in both the 2011 round of the Fragile States Principles (FSP) Survey and the Paris Declaration Survey. In all fourteen countries, except Somalia, the two surveys will be launched together, with data collection processes and joint dialogue combined.


The 2011 surveys were launched at the regional meetings on aid effectiveness, which took place in November 2010. The national consultations for the FSP Survey, combined with the validation data for the Paris Declaration Monitoring Survey will take place in March 2011.


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2011 National Consultations


National Co-ordinator: Pamphile MUDEREGA
International Focal Points: Belgium (Dirk BREMS)
National Consultation: 22 March + 29 March 2011


National Co-ordinator: Bendert BOKIA
International Focal Points: UNDP/UN Resident Coordinator (Bo SCHACK)
National Consultation: 4 April 2011


National Co-ordinator: Bachar BRAHIM ADOUM
International Focal Points: UNDP (Masra TAMTANGAR NGOIDI), EU (Alexis NSABIMANA)
National Consultation: 4 + 5 April 2011


National Co-ordinator: Alfeine SITI SOIFIAT TADJIDDINE
International Focal Points: UNDP (Attoumane BOINA ISSA)
National Consultation: 17 + 18 March 2011

Côte d'Ivoire

National Co-ordinator: Dr. Ibrahim LOKPO
International Focal Points: UNDP (Celestin TSASSA)
National Consultation: none

DR Congo

National Co-ordinator: Theo KANENE
International Focal Points: UNDP (Sebastien TSHIBUNGU)
National Consultation: 21 + 22 March 2011


National Co-ordinator: Alfredo MENDES
International Focal Points: UNDP (Ernesto RODERO)
National Consultation: 7 + 8 April 2011


National Co-ordinator: Yves Robert JEAN
International Focal Points: UNDP (Philippe CHICHEREAU), CANADA (Roberts Waddle)
National Consultation: 12 April 2011 (agenda)



National Co-ordinator: James KOLLIE
International Focal Points: UNDP (Monique COOPER)
National Consultation: 28 + 29 March 2011

 Sierra Leone

National Co-ordinator: Kawusu KEBBAY
International Focal Points: UNIPSIL/UNDP (Per BJALKANDER)
National Consultation: 18 March 2011


National Co-ordinator: TBD
International Focal Points: UN and World Bank (Louise COTTAR)
National Consultation: 15 + 16 March 2011 (agenda)

Southern Sudan

National Co-ordinator: Moses MABIO DEU
International Focal Points: JDT (Stefanie VON WESTARP)
National Consultation: 7 April 2011


National Co-ordinator: Helder DA COSTA
International Focal Points: UNDP (Lin CAO), Australia (Ali GILLIES)
National Consultation: 17  March 2011 (agenda)


National Co-ordinator: Mindi LAMBONI
International Focal Points: UNDP (Idrissa DIAGNE)
National Consultation: 15 + 16 March 2011



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