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OECD Trust in Business Forum


1-2 October 2019 OECD Conference Centre, Paris


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Keynote by Greg Medcraft

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Trust in business and institutions is at an all-time low, yet trust is critical to long-term economic growth, innovation and social wellbeing. Expectations of business are shifting and complex operating environments are impacting the traditional role of business in society. Technology has both disrupted industry and assisted the “power of the crowd” to access information, increasing demands for good conduct in business and challenging established communication channels.

In distrusting times, business’s capacity to strengthen and generate trust will ensure its social licence to operate. Innovative systems of corporate governance, anti-Corruption and responsible business are being developed and utilised, at times evolving the role of organisations.

This event brought together leaders from the private sector, government, trade unions, investors, academia and civil society organisations to explore the changing role of business and design solutions to strengthen trust in business.

The two-day forum addressed the following areas, amongst others:

  • the role of trust as a key driver for sustainable economic growth

  • strategies to strengthen trust: performance measurement, quality of audits, moving beyond compliance

  • levelling the playing field: the role of regulators, policy makers and the Board

  • promoting partnerships to develop solutions, for example, capacity building in SOEs; collective action in the energy sector; improved governance of professional services

The Forum was hosted by the OECD Trust in Business initiative, developed to provide a platform for stakeholders to catalyse good corporate conduct, respond to the expectations of society, while levelling the playing field and ensuring long-term value creation.

Members of the Trust in Business Network (TriBuNe) were invited to a closed door meeting, to discuss strategies to incorporate outcomes of the Forum into a programme of work.


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 Perspectives on trust in business

250‌Strengthening Trust in Business

9 September 2019 - The 2019 OECD Business and Finance Outlook provides an assessment of factors that contributed to a deterioration of trust during the Global Financial Crisis; reviews recent developments that could contribute to a renewed erosion of trust; and, offers policy considerations to help strengthen public trust in business and finance. With its focus on strengthening trust in business, this report is the first outcome of the new Trust in Business Initiative.

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