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The Pilot OECD Business Integrity Roundtable was launched in spring 2021 as a forum to promote good practices on anti-corruption compliance among the governments and private sector partners from OECD member and non-member countries.

It included 7 virtual events, including global, regional and thematic sessions dedicated to business integrity trends, incentives, non-judicial mechanisms for resolving issues between companies and governments.

Building on the success of the Pilot Business Integrity Roundtable, the OECD, together with partner organsations, will hold the 2022 Business Integrity Roundtable starting from September. It will feature 5 virtual events open to public. 

For more information and replays on the Pilot Business Integrity Roundtable, click here.


Promoting Business Integrity in SMEs


14 December 2022 | Virtual Event | 14h30 (CEST)

This roundtable will launch the Toolkit for Raising Awareness and Preventing Corruption in SMEs and the study on Anti-Corruption Compliance in Times Of Crisis: Building Resilience and Seizing Opportunities, and feature an exchange of best practices to promote business integrity in SMEs. Bringing together governments, international and business organisations, and companies, roundtable panellists will discuss how to support and incentivise anti-corruption compliance programmes, and compliance challenges and opportunities presented in crisis contexts.


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Previous Roundtables

Engaging African SMEs in Corruption Prevention

5 December 2022 | Virtual Event | 11h30 (GMT) / 12h30 (CEST)

A joint event between the African Development Bank and the OECD, this session looks ahead to the forthcoming OECD Toolkit for raising awareness and preventing corruption in SMEs, and will feature a discussion of how stakeholders in the region can more effectively engage African SMEs in the fight against corruption. Bringing together governments, international organisations, business organisations, companies and civil society, participants will explore how best to tailor outreach measures and incentives to the specific needs of SMEs. They will also consider the role of multilateral development banks in fostering engagement with African SMEs.

Best Practices for Co-operation Between the Private Sector and Law Enforcement in Combating Corruption                                            

4 October 2022 | Virtual Event | 11h00 (GMT)

A joint event between the OECD and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), this session will take place in the context of the 7th Regional Integrity Week of the Alliance for Integrity – “Culture of Integrity for a Sustainable Economy: Compliance Agenda as a Peace Agenda”. It will provide a platform for countries from the Latin America and Caribbean region to compare experiences, share best practices, and discuss challenges on business integrity, addressing the main challenges and opportunities in the co-operation between the private sector and law enforcement in the fight against corruption, with a focus on incentive mechanisms. 

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The thematic roundtable on Incentivising and Assessing Corporate Anti-Corruption Compliance                                                                  

30 September 2022 | Virtual Event | 12h00-14h30 (CET)

Following the adoption of the 2021 OECD Anti-Bribery Recommendation, this Roundtable event explored the Recommendation’s focus on promoting business integrity through incentives in the law enforcement context as well as when governments make decisions to grant public advantages, including public subsidies, licences and public procurement contracts. Speakers from UK Serious Fraud Office (SFO), French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA), International Finance Corporation (IFC), Harvard and from the private sector discussed the use of such incentives as well as the critical issue of how government authorities can assess compliance to ensure that incentives are correctly applied. 

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The regional roundtable on Business Integrity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia                                                           

27 September 2022

The roundtable launched the 2022 Study of Business Integrity in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This study identifies good practices that both governments and the private sector developed to promote anti-corruption compliance, integrity and ethics. Business integrity academies, business ombudsman institutions, integrity of state-owned enterprises, challenges of political interference, collective actions and B2B solutions – are only some of the topics that were discussed by speakers from the governments and from the private sector.

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