Bribery and corruption

Launch of OECD Integrity Review of Mexico


On 3 February 2015, the Government of Mexico announced eight executive actions to advance integrity in the public service and prevent conflicts of interest.

These measures deal with disclosing potential conflicts of interest, protocols for public servants involved in procurement, a registry of public servants involved in procurement activities, a list of sanctioned government suppliers, the creation of an ethics unit in the Ministry of Public Administration (SFP), the update of the Code of Conduct for public servants, collaboration with civil society to curb corruption, and the setup of a one-stop shop for administrative procedures and services.

The OECD helps countries modernise their approach for managing conflicts of interest by mapping "at risk" areas and positions within the public service. It has identified a set of core principles and standards for the design and implementation of conflict-of-interest policies. In addition, the OECD has developed the Guidelines for Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Service. 

In light of these efforts by the Government of Mexico and OECD’s experience, SFP requested an OECD Integrity Review, focusing on anti-corruption and prevention of conflicts of interest, as well as on integrity in public service. For this purpose, the OECD and SFP established a formal agreement. 

The following FAQs provide answers and details concerning the nature of OECD’s agreement with SFP

Mexico contact:
Jacobo Pastor Garcia Villarreal
Senior Specialist on Integrity and Public Procurement
Tel +52 55 91386243

Paris contact:
Julio Bacio Terracino
Policy Research and Advice
Tel. +33 145249460