Planet Integrity: Building a Fairer Society

Date  27-28 March 2018 Location Icon OECD, Paris

Globalisation - the increasing integration of economies in terms of flows of goods, services, capital, people and ideas - has transformed the planet. While it has brought immense benefits, lifting hundreds of millions out of poverty, creating economic growth and increasing the range and affordability of goods and services worldwide, it has not benefited everyone equally and countries and individuals remain vulnerable. 

Under the theme “Planet Integrity”, the Forum will debate how integrity cultivates a level playing field for business, reduces socio-economic inequalities, and makes public policies more effective - enhancing the benefits of globalisation for all. The debates will also focus on the governance of globalisation and its role in curbing corruption and unethical practices in areas such as trade, competition, infrastructure, development co-operation, and revenue collection.

Join the Forum to:

  • Shape the debate on fairer globalisation, integrity and inclusive growth
  • Engage with global leaders and leading anti-corruption practitioners
  • Exchange experiences, good practices and insights
  • Contribute to critical thinking and engage in peer-to-peer networking

Confirmed Speakers

What’s it all about - A glimpse at what happens at the Forum

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