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The Greek government is prioritising the fight against corruption and bribery and, with the assistance of European institutions, is committed to taking immediate action. Under the responsibility of the General Secretariat against Corruption, Greece’s National Anti-Corruption Action Plan (NACAP) was revised in 2015. The NACAP implies better integrating anti-corruption and integrity in the government’s reform agendas and the private sector’s business models, as well as raising public awareness on anti-corruption efforts.


In 2016, the OECD, Greece and the European Commission launched a project to increase integrity and reduce corruption in Greece through technical empowerment of the Greek authorities for the implementation of the NCAP. The project was completed in January 2018.


Strenghtening integrity in the public sector in Greece

These documents provide guidance and analysis to a range of issues, including whistleblower protection, conflict of interest, political finance, the health sector, education, etc.

Access the guidance in English and Greek


Fighting corruption in the private sector in Greece

This series of documents was developed to help fight corruption in the private sector in Greece. These documents provide measures to prevent companies from engaging in corrupt behaviour and to promote business integrity and trust. 

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Strengthening law enforcement

This series of documents review existing anti-corruption-related laws, policies and institutional arrangements, and provide measures to better equip law enforcement practitioners in Greece to fight bribery and corruption. Focus areas include law enforcement capacity, asset recovery and international co-operation.

Access the guidance in English and Greek



Awareness raising and capacity building

The reviews and guidance are supported by awareness raising materials developed for use in the local market. These include, videos, quotes from thought leaders, posters, and a toolkit specifically targeting SMEs. Numerous events, workshops and discussion forums contributed to the dissemination and capacity-building goals of this project. 



High-Level Forum on Business And Civil Society in the Fight against Corruption, November 2017, Agenda: ENG (see video of opening remarks by Gabriela Ramos, OECD Chief of Staff and Sherpa)

Asset Recovery Workshops, November 2017
- Athens, Agenda: ENG l EL
- Thessaloniki, Agenda: ENG l EL

Forum on Whistleblower Protection, October 2017, Agenda: ENG l EL

Public Integrity Forum, July 2017

Risk Assessment Workshop, June 2017, Agenda: ENG l EL

Mutual Legal Assistance Workshop, June 2017, Agenda: ENG l EL

Law Enforcement Workshop, May-June 2017, Agenda: ENG l EL

Public Integrity Hackathon, April 2017

Law Enforcement Workshop, April 2017, Agenda: ENG l EL

Corporate Compliance Workshop, March 2017, Agenda: ENG l EL

Consultation Workshop - Modernizing Internal Audit, Dec 2016
(see also the videos and event summary in English and Greek)

Project launch event, October 2016






Whistleblower Protection


Public Sector Accountability


Trust in Government


Bribery in international business


Greece's implementation of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention

 Trust, Integrity and Fairness

 Managing Conflict of Interest

 Youth Anti-Corruption Campaign

 Political Finance

 Integrity in practice (CleanGovBiz)



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