Bribery and corruption

Fighting corruption at the OECD



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Corruption threatens good governance, sustainable economic development, democratic process, and fair business practices. The OECD has been a global leader in the fight against corruption for over a decade. Our multidisciplinary approach addresses corruption in business, taxation, development aid, and governance in member countries and beyond.

In today’s interconnected world, corruption’s damaging effects spread far beyond where the corrupt act is committed, throughout the global economy and society. Technological advances have made acts of corruption easier to commit and harder to detect.

In order to effectively fight corruption – both at home and internationally – transparency, accountability and integrity in the public and private sectors are necessary.

We set and promote international anti-corruption standards and principles to:

>> Key OECD anti-corruption documents

>> List of regional anti-corruption programmesCombat the “supply side” of bribery


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