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Fighting corruption in the private sector in Greece




The OECD, together with Greece and the European Commission, has developed a series of documents to help fight corruption in the private sector in Greece. These documents provide measures to prevent companies from engaging in corrupt behaviour and to promote business integrity and trust. They are a contribution to the Greece-OECD project for technical support on anti-corruption.


Anti-Corruption Guidelines on Compliance, Internal Controls and Ethics for Companies in Greece | Προώθηση της Εταιρικής Συμμόρφωσης, των Εσωτερικών Ελέγχων και της Ηθικής κατά της Διαφθοράς

These Guidelines have been developed to help companies in Greece implement effective compliance measures to tackle corruption and bribery. They also contain recommendations on how the public and private sector can work together to ensure the fight against corruption is sustainable.


Corruption Risk Review and Risk Assessment Guidelines for Companies in Greece | Κατευθυντήριες Οδηγίες Ανάλυσης και Αξιολόγησης Κινδύνου Διαφθοράς στις Επιχειρήσεις στην Ελλάδα

This document analyses corruption risks in Greece. It also provides guidance to companies in Greece to help them successfully conduct a risk assessment and implement effective anti-corruption measures based on the results of the risk assessment. 


Guidelines on Whistleblower Protection for Companies in Greece | Προστασία Πληροφοριοδοτών Δημοσίου Συμφέροντος Κατευθυντήριες Γραμμές για Εταιρίες στην Ελλάδα

These Guidelines are designed to assist companies in Greece in developing and implementing effective internal reporting mechanisms. The Guidelines reflect current international standards and good practices in whistleblower protection and should also be relevant and adaptable for companies operating in numerous jurisdictions.


Whistleblower Protection in the Private Sector: Developing the Legal Framework in Greece | Προστασία των πληροφοριοδοτών δημοσίου συμφέροντος στον ιδιωτικό τομέα: Ανάπτυξη του νομικού πλαισίου

This document provides a comprehensive review and gap analysis of the existing legal framework in Greece with regard to whistleblower protection in the private sector. It also provides legislative proposals that take into account international standards on whistleblower protection as well as insights and approaches from other Parties to the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, with a focus on countries that have enacted standalone, comprehensive whistleblower protection legislation.


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